Club House Activities

Dove Hunt Opener with Steak Dinner                                                                              WhitesRanchClubhouse1.jpg

The Dove Shoot will be held on the opening day of the dove season.  Information will be mailed out the month before the shoot to remind members who would like to participate.  Cost is $75 per person, which includes lunch.  If a cold snap hits before the dove hunt and dove numbers are down, we will release chukars to ensure a good hunt.  You will need a Utah small game license along with your h.i.p. number to hunt migratory birds.  Licenses will be checked before hunters enter the field.

European-Style Driven Pheasant

Our European-style Driven Pheasant Shoots are packed with great adventure. Just imagine 300
magnificent pheasant, at full speed, soaring from the cliff bluff overhead, as you prepare to take aim and shoot. This event will challenge the best shooters and sharpen your shooting skills with fast moving, high-flying excitement. Our driven pheasant shoots are modeled after the European driven shoots in Scotland. A true Scotsman, Arvey MacFarland, even helped with the design. Our European Shoots are a great way to introduce your friends or business clients to Sportsman’s Paradise. It can be designed for Private groups of all sizes and it is ideal for those unable to field hunt.

Twenty shooting butts or positions are aligned at the base of a small hill up the hunting area called Long Hollow. Pheasants are driven to flight towards the shooters. After each twenty bird barrage the shooters switch to another shooting butt and the fun begins again. The shoot is over when aII the shooters have fired from each of the butt positions. At the conclusion of the shooting the Sportsman’s Paradise retrievers start picking up the birds. The driven shoot is followed by a traditional walk-up hunt to find and flush the birds that got away on the driven portion of the hunt.

When the hunt is over we all meet back at the Club House for the whole pig roast complete with an apple in its mouth. Dutch oven potatoes, sweet potatoes, Wilber baked beans, corn bread, salad fix’ns, beverage and dessert adorn the serving tables. The camaraderie and atmosphere of these shoots is a great team building experience and a great way for members to socialize and meet other members.